10 Ways to Improve Family Law Courts

The current model responsible for governing family law courts is extremely outdated and archaic. It is governed by a 1950’s chauvinistic view towards marriage and parentage. Men are expected to be emotionless, robotic-breadwinners whereas women are expected to be keepers of the home and children. Women now work. The economy […]

Finding a Super Contractor!

Super contractors are plentiful and easy to find when you approach the due diligence process with purpose and foresight. The largest ad in the phone book (print or digital), great website, handsome smile, or the cheapest price tell you nothing. Builders, remodelers, and trade contractors will work on your most […]

Reduce Mold With Basement Waterproofing

Maryjane E. Cason

Most homeowners see a dark, damp, musty basement filled with foul odors and bad smells as the norm, but these conditions are a definite sign of hidden problems and that could put you and your family members at risk of health issues; asthma, breathing difficulties, topical skin irritations, rashes and […]