40 Mistakes That Make Your Home Look Cluttered


Albert Einstein once famously implied that an empty desk is the sign of an empty mind, and earlier in my life I took refuge in ol’ Albert’s supposition with great vigor, if for no other reason than I couldn’t keep my desk — or anything else, for that matter — neat and tidy to save my life. As I’ve gotten older, though, I’ve realized that after a point, messiness really does inhibit my ability to think. I’ve also started to have some “aha” moments when it dawns on me I’m making certain small mistakes that make a home look cluttered.

Most of these oversights are right there in the open, like not making the most of the storage space I already have have or letting miscellaneous items build up into mountains, instead of giving them a permanent home. But leveraging simple, inexpensive products makes both those kinds of missteps a breeze to correct.

This list contains some top solutions that you can easily put into play to tame your own clutter. They may not be Einstein-approved, but I bet you’ll think they’re pretty darn smart anyway.

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Mistake: Piling Up Your Clothes On Closet Shelves

Solution: These Shelf Dividers That Create Neat Stacks

If you open up your bedroom closet and all you see on the shelves is a jumbled mess, it’s time to invest in these closet shelf dividers that will whip that clutter into shape in a hurry. Whether your shelves are crowded with clothing, accessories, extra linens, or any number of things, these dividers will keep them separated and organized, so you can easily tell what’s what. Made from sturdy non-woven fabric on steel frames, they slip onto your shelves in seconds.


Mistake: Allowing Area Rugs To Slide Out Of Place

Solution: The Grippers That Secure Your Rug To The Floor

With foot traffic, area rugs can quickly move out of place on your floor, but these rug grippers will put an end to that, while also ensuring they don’t develop curled edges. The foam tips enable you to pick up the rug for cleaning underneath, and the adhesive surface is crafted from a gel that can be easily made sticky again with a couple swipes of rubbing alcohol.


Mistake: Letting Vertical Storage Go To Waste Under The Sink

Solution: A 2-Tier Shelf With Room For A Pipe

The space under your bathroom vanity can sometimes feel like a complete waste; you can store products on the bottom of the cabinet underneath, but then there’s so much empty space above that goes unused. Make the most of that area with this expandable two-tier shelf. With a cutout for the pipe, it expands horizontally from 15.5 to 25 inches, and the shelves are height-adjustable, too.


Mistake: Charging Electronics All Over The Houses

Solution: This Charging Station With Space For Up To 6 Devices

Your phone is charging in one room, your S.O.’s in another, your tablet is plugged in… somewhere. Put an end to that bother with this charging station that powers up to six devices simultaneously. Compatible with both Apple and Android devices, it comes with a set of short USB-C and micro-USB cables.


Mistake: Keeping Socks & Underwear In A Jumbled Drawer

Solution: These Drawer Inserts That Organize Everything

You’re rushed when you’re putting your laundry away and you’re rushed every morning when you’re getting dressed, so it’s easy to see how that underwear drawer degenerated into a pile of fluff in which it’s impossible to find anything. These drawer organizers will remedy that problem in a hurry, making it possible for you to find that one T-shirt bra you actually like again. The set comes with four organizers: one for underwear, one for socks, one for bras, and one for scarves or camis.


Mistake: Plugging Things Into Bulky Power Strips

Solution: The Outlet Extender That Frees Up Floor Space

Power strips trailing all over the floor aren’t just aesthetically unpleasant, they can be a trip-and-fall hazard, too. Get extra outlets in a safer manner with this wall-mounted outlet extender that has six AC sockets, two USB charging ports, and a shelf to hold your smartphone while it’s charging. This extender also provides surge protection for your expensive electronics.


Mistake: Crowding Your Closet Floor With Shoes

Solution: These Organizers That Store Shoes Under The Bed

I’m not much of a shoe person, but I am a sneakerhead. You know what kind of shoes take up a lot of space in a closet? Sneakers. When your closet floor becomes a small mountain of shoes, use these under-bed organizers to store them. Each has room for up to 12 pairs, and there’s a boot variety available, too. Made from thick non-woven fabric, these organizers have sturdy handles and clear windows, so you can easily see what you have.


Mistake: Storing Pantry Staples In The Store Packaging

Solution: The Airtight Containers That Create A Uniform Look

These gourmet food storage containers are the remedy to slumpy pantry storage (think: crumpled bags of lentils and flour). Tall enough to accommodate even spaghetti, they’re made from BPA-free plastic and feature airtight lids. The set also includes labels and a chalk marker, so you can tell your regular sugar from your powdered sugar.


Mistake: Keeping All Your Important Stuff Piled Up On Top Of The Bed

Solution: This Low-Key Caddy That Keeps Items Next To The Bed

If you’re like me and have the habit of stacking all your stuff on your bed — books, notebooks, the TV remote, magazines — this bedside caddy can help. Made from durable cloth, it features pockets of multiple sizes that let you store all of the above. The attached panel is sturdy and slips right under the mattress.

  • Available sizes: 3
  • Available colors: 4


Mistake: Letting Pans Eat Up All The Space In Your Cabinets

Solution: A 5-Tier Rack That’s More Efficient

If your pots and pans are piled on top of one another in a jumbled mess in the cabinets, you need this pot and pan organizer. The five-tier rack enables you to organize cookware and lids either vertically or horizontally, so you can streamline your storage, and grab whatever you need without unstacking everything. Simply set it inside the cabinet, or secure it to the wall with the provided hardware for a more permanent installation.


Mistake: Storing Stuff Under The Bed Without Concealing It

Solution: This Bed Skirt That Creates A Tailored Look

Crafted from durable microfiber, this bed skirt features an attractive box-pleat design for a tailored look that adds the perfect finishing touch to any bedroom decor. Perfect for concealing anything stored under the bed, it has a 14-inch drop and machine washes like a charm. This is definitely a win-win.

  • Available sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King, California King
  • Available colors: 12


Mistake: Hanging Clothes On Slippery Hangers

Solution: These Nonslip Velvet Hangers That Keep Clothes In Place

Don’t you hate it when you put a strappy camisole or a silky blouse on a hanger in your closet only to come back a couple of hours later to find it on the closet floor? These nonslip velvet hangers give slippery clothes something to hang onto, so they stay right where they belong. The slim construction of these hangers also helps you pack more into your closet.


Mistake: Letting Your Coffee Pods Take Over Your Kitchen

Solution: The Pod Holder That Attaches To The Side Of The Machine

Pod-style coffee machines are a tremendous convenience, but with the machine comes the sudden clutter of cups that seem to multiply like rabbits in your kitchen. These coffee pod holders attach to the side of your machine with 3M adhesive, enabling you to store up to 15 pods. You can also use them on the side of your refrigerator, inside a cabinet, or on a wall next to your coffee maker.


Mistake: Leaving Your Cords In A Mess All Over Your Home

Solution: This Box That Conceals Power Strips & Cables

Cords snaking all over your home office or near your TV can quickly add to a cluttered look. This cable management box streamlines everything by letting you tuck a power strip inside, while the cutouts on either end allow you to thread through cords. The faux wood design provides a clean, modern look.


Mistake: Keeping Your Jewelry In A Snarled Mess

Solution: A Hanging Organizer With Pockets For Everything

When your jewelry is all tangled up and scattered across your dresser, it’s very hard to see what you have, and even harder to get excited about accessorizing. This hanging jewelry organizer is a simple fix for the mess. With 80 pockets, it gives you plenty of room to sort all your baubles, and the clear design lets you see what you have at a glance.


Mistake: Not Having Storage For Miscellaneous Items

Solution: These Collapsible Storage Cubes That Wrangle Anything

Last-minute company on the way? Prepping for a Zoom call and need a neat background? These storage cubes are a quick and easy way to clear up clutter. Made from lightweight non-woven fabric, you can use them for anything from linens to magazines to toys, and they fold up flat when not in use for convenient storage. Use them in a shelving unit or on their own — either way, you can just throw things in and go with these easy organizers.


Mistake: Wasting The Vertical Storage Space In Your Cabinets

Solution: A Lazy Susan With 2 Tiers

Made from renewable bamboo, this lazy Susan features two tiers, so you can maximize the use of all the available storage space in your cabinets. The smooth 360-degree rotation makes it easy to reach everything, since nothing will be hiding in the back of a cupboard. Use it for canned goods, spices, condiments, and more. You’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.


Mistake: Leaving Your Makeup In A Mess On The Counter

Solution: A Cosmetics Organizer That’s So Sleek

Face it: Your bathroom looks like a mess when there’s makeup all over the counter. Turn that space into a neat and tidy beauty counter with this two-piece cosmetics organizer that gives you a purpose-made space for everything. Use them together or separately — one piece provides a spot for brushes, wands, and tubes, while the other piece features sliding drawers for compacts and jewelry.


Mistake: Putting Food Anywhere In The Fridge

Solution: These Bins That Group Items Together

Sometimes my fridge is so cluttered, I can’t even see what’s in there. These refrigerator bins solve that problem —use them to wrangle everything from dairy products to condiments to fresh fruits and vegetables. There’s even a bin for eggs that comes with a lid, so you can store things on top without crushing the shells. The clear bins allow you to view what’s inside, and the convenient handles make them easy to pull out.


Mistake: Covering Every Surface With Sticky Note Reminders

Solution: The Magnetic Dry-Erase Board That Attaches To The Fridge

There’s nothing more visually aggravating than having sticky notes everywhere. Streamline your reminders with this magnetic dry-erase sheet that you can adhere to the side of your fridge or any other magnetic surface. It comes with a set of markers with built-in erases, so you can restore the board to pristine condition after you complete a task.


Mistake: Stashing Batteries In An Overflowing Junk Drawer

Solution: This Organizing Case With A Tester

I can’t even begin to tell you how many hours I’ve lost in my adult life wandering around my home looking for batteries for something. Think how much more productive I could have been had I invested in this battery organizer case earlier. It features compartments for 93 batteries and keeps them all organized by size, so you can quickly reach for the one you need. It even comes with a battery tester, so you can check for effectiveness before you pop a battery into your device.


Mistake: Taking Up Precious Counter Space With A Dish Drying Rack

Solution: A Roll-Up Drying Rack That Goes Over Your Sink

Made from stainless steel, this dish drying rack is designed to stretch over your sink while draining dishes. Not only does it not take up counter space, but when you’re done, it rolls up for convenient storage right in your drawer. It has nonslip silicone feet that grip onto either side of the sink to hold it steady while in use, and is also ideal for washing fruits and vegetables.

  • Available sizes: 4
  • Available colors: 2


Mistake: Jamming Closets With Off-Season Clothes & Linens

Solution: These Vacuum Storage Bags That Compress Items

Switch out your wardrobe by season, pack away beach towels, and store heavy blankets — these are just a few ways you can eliminate the problem of an overflowing closet, and it’s so much easier when you use these vacuum storage bags. They can reduce the amount of space your stuff takes up by as much as 80%. The six-pack even comes with a convenient hand pump for easy use.


Mistake: Wasting Storage Space In Kitchen Drawers

Solution: A Utensil Organizer That Expands Sideways

Made from eco-friendly bamboo, this drawer organizer is not only attractive, it’s ultra-functional, too. It expands from 13 to 20 inches wide, so you can utilize the entire drawer for your flatware and cooking utensils. The water-resistant organizer is easy to clean by just wiping with a damp cloth.


Mistake: Cluttering Up Your Counter With Dish-Washing Supplies

Solution: This Caddy That Stores Scrubbers & Soap

Crafted from stainless steel, this sink organizer p
rovides a place for all your dish-scrubbing tools and soaps, so you can clear up counter clutter and let everything dry properly. The organizer features a compartment for brushes, a hanging arm for a dishcloth, and a slide-out draining tray that lets you dump water easily.

  • Available sizes: 2
  • Available colors: 2


Mistake: Letting Your Food Storage Lids Get Out Of Hand

Solution: The Lid Organizer That Makes Makes Sense Of It All

I have a whole cabinet full of plastic food storage lids that makes me dread putting away leftovers, which consequently makes me dread cooking in the first place. Purpose-made to fix that very problem, this storage lid organizer is made from sturdy BPA-free plastic and features dividers that let you separate various sizes of lids. This makes cleaning up dinner so much easier.


Mistake: Piling Your Chair High With Clothes

Solution: These Over-The-Door Hooks For Hanging Things On The Fly

There’s a little something almost everyone has in common in this life: that one chair in the bedroom that’s piled high with clothes. Turn that pile back into the chair it was meant to be with these over-the-door hooks that provide 11 spots for hanging items. Available in black and chrome finishes, it has a flexible bracket that’s compatible with most doors


Mistake: Letting Unused Pantry Space Go To Waste

Solution: The Over-The-Door Organizers For Spices, Condiments & More

So your pantry shelves are packed and you still need more room for storage? These over-the-door organizers are the perfect solution. The clear plastic pockets provide plenty of room for everything from spices to condiments, and you can see what you have with just a glance. These organizers are also great for things like organizing snacks — keep healthy self-serve snacks for the kids at the bottom, and late-night adult munchies at the top. Three stainless steel hooks let these organizers fit over the door for a sturdy hold.


Mistake: Stashing Plastic Grocery Bags Under The Sink

Solution: This Plastic Bag Saver That Mounts To The Wall

Don’t just stash those plastic bags from the grocery store underneath the kitchen sink — you know all they’ll do there is mysteriously expand, so they take up all the space. Instead, store them in this wall-mounted plastic bag saver that will keep them ready for retrieval when you need one, but compressed and out of your way until then. With a brushed stainless steel finish, this dispenser is easy to mount with the included hardware.


Mistake: Scattering Remotes All Over The Coffee Table

Solution: A Spinning Caddy That Keeps Everything Neat & Accessible

Does your coffee table look like the clearance section of a ‘90s-era Radio Shack? Tidy things up with this spinning remote control holder that gets all your tech accessories in formation while keeping them easily accessible. Available in more than a dozen colors, the organizer features a faux leather finish with five compartments.


Mistake: Jamming Your Kitchen Tools In Kitchen Drawers

Solution: This Simple Stainless Steel Holder That Stores Utensils

When your cooking utensils are packed in drawers and other locations all over your kitchen, not only does it look cluttered, it also makes it more difficult to find what you need when you’re working hard over a hot stove. Pull it all together with this utensil holder that keeps everything right on the counter for easy access. The attractive stainless steel finish is fingerprint-proof, and the foam base keeps it firmly in place.


Mistake: Cluttering The Shower Floor With Bottles

Solution: A Shower Caddy That Mounts To The Wall

Have you ever gotten into the shower in the morning and almost tripped over the rows of hair products and body washes on the floor? Not only are all those toiletries a trip-and-fall hazard, they also look incredibly cluttered. This shower caddy fixes all that in a hurry. Designed to adhere to your shower wall with strong adhesive, it will hold up to 20 pounds of bottles and soaps, and also has movable hooks to hold washcloths, loofahs, and razors.


Mistake: Piling Produce In The Fruit Basket

Solution: This 2-Tier Basket For Fruits & Veggies

Constructed from powder-coated metal, these countertop storage baskets have enough space to store a big farmers market haul. At 18 inches high, this structure doesn’t have a huge footprint, but offers significant storage possibilities — and can be used in any room of the house.


Mistake: S
toring Linens Without A Case

Solution: These Jumbo Storage Bags That Protect Bedding

When you switch out your bedding for the season, you’re doing yourself a disservice if you’re putting away those items uncovered. On their own (or stuffed into Hefty bags), they’re vulnerable to mildew and moths. Ease your mind and protect your investment by placing those items in these jumbo storage bags before storing them away. Made from super tough but breathable non-woven material, they feature clear top windows, so you can see exactly what’s inside.


Mistake: Keeping Toiletries In Mismatched Containers

Solution: The Apothecary Jars That Coordinate Your Essentials

It’s a trick I’ve used in the kitchen for years: Pour hand soap, dish soap, and olive oil into simple matching containers to create a sense of visual organization. Now, this strategy moves into the bathroom with these apothecary storage jars that provide a home for toiletry must-haves, like cotton swabs, makeup remover rounds, and much more. They’re made from durable plastic and topped with bamboo lids.


Mistake: Not Having A Dedicated Space For Keys & Mail

Solution: An Organizer You Can Hang In The Entryway

Crafted from steel wire in a rustic, vintage design, this mail organizer provides the perfect place to drop not just the mail, but also your keys, dog leash, sunglasses, and more, thanks to the five convenient hooks that run along its bottom rung. It mounts easily with the included screws and anchors, and features a corrosion-proof coating, so you don’t have to worry if your gloves have a bit of rain or snow on them when you place them inside.


Mistake: Letting Water Bottles Overwhelm Your Kitchen Countertop

Solution: A Rack That Stores Bottles Sideways

The number of water bottles you have tends to creep up on you, until all of a sudden, you notice there’s a veritable forest of them standing on your countertop. This water bottle organizer provides an easy and efficient way to store them inside your cabinet. Made from sturdy steel wire with three adjustable levels, it makes the most of vertical space, so you can stack up to nine bottles.


Mistake: Overlooking Your Fridge Exterior As A Storage Possibility

Solution: This Magnetic Unit For Paper Towels & Condiments

Ideal for folks with small kitchens, this two-tier magnetic shelf gives you storage space where you didn’t think it was possible — on the side of your refrigerator. With two shelves, two rollers, and five hooks, it will hold up to 45 pounds of goods. Use it for condiments, drinks, food wraps, paper towels, dishtowels, and more. It’s also great for use in the garage, office, or craft room, as it adheres to any magnetic surface.


Mistake: Leaving Your Dog’s Toys Strewn All Over The Floor

Solution: A Tailor-Made Box For Pet Supplies

Made with a sturdy and attractive linen exterior with a wipe-clean lining, this dog toy box has a front opening that’s low to the floor, so your dog can easily retrieve his favorite things. The tough rope handles on each side make it easy to carry, and the box conveniently folds flat when not in use.


Mistake: Leaving Miscellaneous Items All Over

Solution: This Storage Ottoman That Lets You Whisk Away Clutter Fast

When you wake up to a cluttered, untidy house, it just kind of sets the whole tone for the day. Nip that right in the bud by taking five minutes before you go to bed each night to straighten up — it doesn’t have to be difficult with this storage ottoman. Just chuck your extra stuff into the generous opening inside the ottoman, then put the padded, tufted lid on top to make it all disappear. The ottoman also serves as a footrest.


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