A Quick Guide to Window Styles


Getting the right windows involves many considerations like material, glass and energy performance. Another consideration is the window style, which is not an easy task given the number of styles to choose from in the market. Here’s a quick guide to various window styles.

Window Styles

Hung Windows

Hung windows are windows with sashes that are set in the frame, operated by sliding the sashes up or down. The window hardware allows the sashes to stay in place when open while a counterbalance prevents the sashes from slamming closed. A single-hung window features a single operable sash, with the rest of the window area covered by a fixed glass pane. A double-hung window features two operable sashes.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows feature sashes that slide sidewards. Unlike hung windows, the weight of sliding window sashes rest on tracks in the bottom frame, which allows for slimmer sashes and frames that help save space.

Hinged Windows

Hinged windows are windows that have hinged sashes and typically open outward. Casement windows feature a single sash that opens from the side. French windows are casement windows with two sashes that meet in the middle. Awning windows are small hinged windows that open from the bottom while hopper windows open from the top. Transom windows are awning windows installed over doors and larger windows. Traditionally, hinges are typically set at the frame and sash edges, but certain styles like casement and awning windows have offset hinges and are operated with a hand crank.

Fixed Windows

Fixed windows are essentially windows that do not have a sash. Instead, the glass is set into the frame, which makes them incapable of providing ventilation. Picture windows, as well as non-standard window shapes, are fixed windows. While glass blocks are not generally classified as windows, they have many features in common with fixed windows.

Projection Windows

Projection windows are combination windows that form a projecting shape. Bay windows are projecting windows made of three to five windows set to form an angular shape, typically a trapezoid. Bow windows are made of five or more equal-sized windows that form a bow or half-circle. The projecting shape formed by these windows create additional indoor space that can be used for seating or storage.

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