Peck Elementary School, 212 Main St., Peck, remodel, $11,156.

Earl Samper, 22076 Apple Lane, Lapwai, accessory building with living quarters, $12,429.

Andrew George, to-be-determined address, Lewiston, single-family residence, $438,282.

Jeanine Booth, to-be-determined address on Skyview Drive, Lewiston, single-family residence, $251,753.

Brian and Teresa Weaver, 12435 Double H Lane, Genesee, single-family residence, $324,551.

Christopher and Amanda Evans, 12375 Double H Lane, Genesee, single-family residence, $271,525.

Whitman Farms LLC, 37737 McCormack Ridge Road, Culdesac, agricultural building, no value listed.

Donald Boles, 20026 Ann St., Juliaetta, addition, $5,000.

Chad and Brandy Welker, 3809 Skyview Drive, Lewiston, single-family residence, $93,632.

James John, to-be-determined address on Clydesdale Drive, Lewiston, single-family residence, $334,281.

Mike Harvey, 919 Burrell Ave., Lewiston, addition, $14,419.

LC Property Management, 2704 17th St., fire and water damage repairs, $85,000.

Quality Design Homes, 1537 Discovery Drive, single-family residence, $242,443.

Dan Stedham, 603 26th St., finish basement, $30,000.

Quality Design Homes, 1554 Discovery Drive, foundation only, no value listed.

Daniel Hall, 3121 Seventh St. C, accessory building roof extension, $6,145.

Blue Ribbon Linen Supply, 2322 16th Ave., open deck for cart storage, $20,000.

Castle Builders of Idaho, 3211 Parkridge Way, single-family residence, $262,697.

John Groefsema, 2230 Powers Ave., accessory building, $6,696.

John Stockson, 620 Sixth Ave., finish basement, $4,851.

Donald Wagner, 1125 Bryden Ave., roofing, $2,535.

Brad Wilson, 3514 14th St., garage, $33,147.

Ryan Humphrey, 3529 16th St., accessory building, $13,922.

Tim Hasenoehrl, 1919 15th Ave., accessory building, no value listed.

Noelle Grant, 3806 11th St., accessory building, $6,278.

Jacob and Katie Johnson, 1421 Richardson Ave., addition, no value listed.

Richard Tierney Jr., 1811 13th Ave., roofing, $2,086.

Al and Elizabeth Seaman, 3413 16th St., garage conversion, $5,175.

Kenneth McDermott, 1308 Powers Ave., accessory dwelling unit, no value listed.

Kenneth McDermott, 1308 Powers Ave., addition, no value listed.

Debra Reeves, 24680 Cloverland Road, Asotin, outbuilding, $13,824.

Michael Chamberlain, 2155 Ninth Ave., Clarkston, outbuilding, $9,360.

Michael Rhamy, 65 Dreamz Road, Anatone, outbuilding, $24,900.

Stephen Farrell, 3309 Michael Drive, Clarkston, single-family residence, $275,898.

Moore Quality Designs, 2484 and 2485 Blossom Lane, Clarkston, townhouses, $168,276 each.

Tri-State Memorial Hospital, 1221 Highland Ave., pharmacy remodel, $430,029.

Martin and Dorothy Miller, 722 Second St., outbuilding, $40,200.

Talia Schneider, 737 10th St., outbuilding, $35,000.