Domestic Wind Turbines – Use Homemade Wind Turbines to Power Your Home

Maryjane E. Cason

Domestic wind turbines are sprouting up everywhere now mainly because people are beginning to see tangible benefits of installing them. Homes as well as businesses adopt this technology as an alternatively source of energy that is not only green, but everlasting. With so much uncertainty around us such as fluctuating energy costs and financial turmoil, it has become necessary now to look at renewable energy sources such as domestic wind turbines even for homes.

Benefits of domestic wind turbines

The advantages are obvious. Apart from helping businesses and families save on utility bills every month, the use of wind power reduces our reliance of fossil fuels. Wind energy is free whereas oil is not, so electricity generated from burning of fossil fuel is subjected to fluctuations of oil price. Furthermore, the burning of fossil fuel emits heat and carbon dioxide which contributes to global warming.

Domestic wind turbines used to be very bulky and need a large space for it to be installed. Not anymore, there are installations that can be done on roof tops and take up zero land area. Although most of the time, the use of turbine will not totally eliminate the need to rely on power companies, it is still worth the effort. Some households combine the use of wind and solar energy for a complete renewable energy solution.

Costs and availability of components

Domestic wind turbines do not costs thousands of dollars to be installed. In fact, you can have a DIY windmill for less than $200. This is possible because many of the components needed are available now at your local hardware store or on the internet. What you really need is a step-by-step guide to help you build your first wind power system.

Is your house suitable for wind power system?

If you have land space of an acre or more, it is perfect for such systems where you can install bigger wind blades for increased power generation. But as I mentioned, you can still install smaller ones on rooftops.

The availability of wind, obviously, and wind speed is crucial for efficient power generation. You can find out the wind speed in your area by doing a quick search on Google. Generally, a wind speed of 10 miles an hour or more is sufficient.

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