Floor Plans: The Best Way to Plan Your New Home.

You know you only get one shot at building your home and once the walls go up, that’s it. No going back. So you must create the perfect floor plans and home design for you and your family before you start building. As is the case with many homeowners, you create a sketch of your house on a piece of paper or computer using whatever software you know best and hope that you’ve created a great design – because your next step is giving it to a builder or drafter to draw up and then soon after, build it.

What is a floor plan?

A floor plan is essentially the skeleton of your house – the flat shapes and straight lines of which a finished house is built out. It helps the builder to work out where walls, doors, windows, stairs, etc. go. Floor plans are also used when the council decides on the orientation and size of the building, whether you’ll have parking or a garage in the front yard, where you’ll park your car, etc. The floor plan creator has a great purpose and yet it is often seen as very old-fashioned, even old-fashioned!

 Why can’t you just draw a house on a piece of paper and do what you want with it? 

Online or through an app, the search for a home generally begins. Much people who lead busy lives conduct most of their research from home. A person begins to investigate houses in person only after spending hours at home browsing internet postings, sketching out their prospective commute to work, visualising where their furniture would go, checking out Google street view, and imagining where to park their car. 

Property inspections can be difficult to arrange, conflict with work during the week or weekend sports activities, and require individuals to take time out of their busy schedules in order to do them.

How to create the best floor plans for your home

If you’re going to be designing your home from scratch, you want to get it right. That means you’ll need to be an expert in many disciplines. You have to be an expert in building science and structure. You’ll need to be an expert in urban and planning. You’ll need to be an expert in climate control, energy efficiency, and drainage. You’ll need to be an expert in architecture and building codes, land development, land conservation, archeology, and geology. And you’ll also need to be an expert in interior design, landscaping, gardening, electricity, plumbing, materials, roofing, building insurance, and all other things that have to do with the home itself. If you want your dream home, you’ll have to really know your stuff – and start by creating the best floor plans possible.

What to consider while creating a floor plan

That first house plan sketch is usually very simple. In fact, the simple ones often get the best results because they set the design direction and provide a first step in getting to a finished house. Also, the more floor plans you have to choose from the better because many have the same shape or look. But don’t let that bother you. There’s really nothing wrong with the boring old basic floor plan. It’s the one you can customize to your style and needs. But keep in mind that the way a home is designed is not just something you can decide on in the abstract. It is a big decision that involves so many factors that many people don’t know what they’re doing or don’t have time to think about it.

Benefits of knowing your floor plan

The ability to place large or important objects like furniture accurately by measuring distances and heights Being able to design spaces that serve specific functions well Knowing your site well enough to know where plumbers and electricians and carpenters should be placed and where lighting will be required. Often large buildings or residential homes contain many lots with many buildings. The owner may want to know the positions of storage rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms, or the room of any interior changes that will be done to a house. Knowing the floor plan of your home will give you a valuable set of floor plans for your building plan. Tips for creating floor plans for your home Start by drawing the outline of your home, including the outside walls, windows, and doors.


For those of you, like us, who don’t have time to read all of these posts, the home-building world is a huge topic with many unique questions and answers. So, make a habit of practicing what you’ve learned by putting all these ideas into practice – even if it’s just to add a little style to your living room or on your front porch. Now, go out there and build a great home and be proud! 

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