How Does Lighting Enhance Positivity to Your Place?

The amount of lighting has a direct effect on the energy of that place. Proper lighting is seen to lift our consciousness. It makes us feel charged, positive, and happy. This goes well with a good view, bright colors, and clean air, which makes the place bright and interesting. Chandeliers are one of the best lighting equipment and décor items that can enliven a place. 

Let us look at how different chandeliers impact the place.  

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What Blocks Natural Light in A House?

Dark corners in the house, rooms with columns, “L” shaped or irregularly shaped areas, and low-lit living rooms are some of the reasons that deprive the place of adequate lighting. 

What Can Be Done to Treat Dark Corners?

Spotlighting and the use of healthy green plants are the two best ways to get better lighting and a pleasant view. By using intelligent lighting, you can activate good energy in the home. Lamps, chandeliers, and scones are effective home décor ways that can bring yin or yang energy into your home. 

Sofary is one of the best places to buy the finest quality chandeliers at the best price. These chandeliers provide proper lighting that, in turn, brings a positive and happy shift in the perspective and mood of people.

Rules for Better Lightning

• Shadows should not be cast at the time of reading or cooking food. Ensure you install chandeliers in the kitchen, study, and living room for proper lighting. 

• Use the right color of the chandelier in varied sizes to create the desired effect. Use pink for calmness, purple for passion, yellow for a warm feel, and yellow for a relaxed atmosphere.

• Use a chandelier that emits soft light to create positivity and a quiet atmosphere.

• Soften sharp room corners when using accent lighting. 

• Use “up lighting” to illuminate beams and dark corners and reduce the impact of negative energy. 

• Install a red-colored crystal chandelier either at the entrance or at the end of your room to improve the energy circulation throughout the room.

Other Ways to Enhance Positivity in The Home

Here are a few more ways to make your place more welcoming, relaxing, and peaceful. These ways enhance serenity and positivity in your home and help reduce stress after a long day at work. 

  • Use an essential oil diffuser

The presence of essential oils in it are effective at lowering stress, elevating mood, reducing anxiety, improving concentration, and promoting goodnight sleep.

  • Declutter the space

Clutter brings stress. So, you need to take time to organize your place by removing all the unwanted stuff from your house. Once you declutter your space, you will notice a sense of peace and tranquillity.

Use A Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan salt lamps emit calming, soothing, and soft light. They also purify the air and make the air free from any mold, allergens, and bacteria.

Add plants and flowers throughout the home

Flowers and plants instantly boost your mood. Choose bright colors to promote high concentration and energy. If you are looking for positive and calmer vibes, then choose lavender and baby blue color. 


Chandeliers when used aesthetically along with the right combination of colors would be appropriate for a majority of rooms in any home. It improves the positivity and spirit of any living space. 

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