How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off by Cheap Airport Transfers in London?

London is known worldwide as an international hub for flights and travel services. The city offers 24 hours access to its airports via public transport or private minivans. The capital has three main airports: Heathrow, Gatwick, and Stansted.

If you’ve ever flown internationally, then you probably know that airport transfers are expensive. And if you don’t book them ahead of time, they can cost you a fortune.

The problem is that these services are often overpriced because they rely on commission fees. In other words, the cheaper they charge you, the less profit they make.

Airport transfers are usually booked through third-party companies that take a cut from each transaction. This means that your price depends on how much the company charges its clients.

Or, you have an option to find a more elegant solution and book a London chauffeur airport transfer alone.

When travelling abroad, the last thing you want to worry about is whether you’ll pay too much for your ticket or get ripped off by the taxi driver. But, if you explore your options deeper, you can indeed find reliable transfers to take you from the airport.

Furthermore, make sure you search for the best airport transfers London, but also read their terms and conditions, to be aware of all the potential expenses.

Still, if you want to avoid unpleasant situations when travelling to London:

1. Don’t go for the First Company you Find

Airport transfers are usually pretty inexpensive for those who travel, but they’re not always worth the money. You can find even lower prices if you check out different companies and compare their rates on their websites. If you still want to save more money, take public transportation and walk to the terminal.

2. Make Sure you Read the Fine Print 

Sometimes, affordable airport transfers aren’t as cheap as they seem. Often they’re not even worth the money because there can be additional fees that weren’t mentioned in the initial quote. It’s such an unpleasant situation to learn you need to pay more once you arrive there.

Read the small print carefully. Look out for things like cancellation fees, pick-up restrictions, and hidden charges. These could easily add further costs to your trip.

3. Find a Reliable and Legitimate Chauffeur Company

If you plan to use chauffeur services, you are ready for the moderate cost. But, one thing must be your priority. You will use the service a few times, even when you need London to Heathrow transfer to go home.

Finding a reliable company is easy nowadays. Before booking, you only need to check on their prices, services, and previous experience. It’s completely fine to use Google and Yelp to search for companies you’re considering using. You can also look for customer reviews and ratings to help you figure out which ones are trustworthy.

4. Consider Using Alternatives

If you don’t feel comfortable with the idea of hiring an airport shuttle or taxi, you could try taking public transit instead. Public transportation provides similar options to taxis, plus it’s much cheaper. You can also look at rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft. These work just like normal cab services, except that they only charge you based on the distance travelled rather than a flat fee.

Also, you can think about renting a car to drive alone and explore the city yourself. At last, you are the one to decide which way works the best.

5. Know the Chauffeur Company Тerms

When booking with an airport transfer company, ensure you understand what services they provide. Do they pick you up at your hotel? Do they drop you off somewhere else first and then bring you right to the airport? What about baggage handling fees? How much does it cost to park at the terminal? 

All these details will help you get a clearer image of what you get for the basic price and which services you need to pay for additionally.

Final Thoughts

Always use a reputable company. There are plenty of companies that offer cheap airport transfers online, but not all of them are reliable. So it’s always best to go with a company that you trust. Know what you want, whether it’s faster transfer, saving money, or even the type of vehicle you prefer.

Of course, be aware of scams. You may think you are safe, but it’s always better to be ready a few weeks in advance, and don’t risk late bookings that will end up emptying your wallet and pockets.

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