How to Move Heavy Items Safely?

If, among your plans, there’s a removal dipping into the future, it might be good for you to consider your heavy belongings. Moving them safely from point A to point B might be a huge challenge. It’s a daunting task to prep them for the trip, as well as to find the proper storage solutions.

All of these should be considered through your ability to lift heavy objects, de-clutter and make the reliable organisation your packing day. But you don’t have to discourage at all. Instead, have a walk through our specially tailored house moving tips below.

Consider Packing As Early As Possible

When something goes wrong in the removal, it’s usually caused by the constant delay in the preparation for the process.

We tend to postpone packing, de-cluttering, finding the most convenient route to a new home place, and you name it. That’s a hugely wrong approach to the entire procedure.

On the contrary – taking your time for each task you’ve got is a must. And to have it, start packing your personal belongings as early as possible. This is how you will avoid many obstacles, risks and insoluble problems.

As to the heavy things, early birds in packing before removal can estimate how many, how wealthy, delicate and challenging they are.

Invest In Quality Packing Equipment

Heavy items shouldn’t find any room in a traditional cardboard box. The weight and pressure will damage it.

While loading, these objects will fall out to the ground. Except for breakages, there’s also a risk of injury for you. Just imagine how it hurts to have a copper candlestick hitting your little toe.

This shouldn’t happen with you, so you better consider professional packing equipment. You can purchase or rent it, take it for granted in case you know someone who’s recently gone through removal, etc.

No matter how you get your high-quality and durable solid storage units, just ensure they will bear the heavy weight.

Disassemble If Possible To Save More Space

There are heavy items, which are large in size, too. They are even more challenging to be packed and loaded into the vehicle. Usually, these are furniture items, big electric devices, and sports or office equipment.

Thankfully, they can be disassembled in advance. The more pieces you get from a heavy item, the easier you will find room for it. In a dismantled condition, the heavy items also become more bearable. Disassembling is the answer if you don’t know how to lift heavy items safely.

Determine Where Each Item Can Go

Don’t let yourself remain out of boxes, unit storage, etc. Finding extra packing items at the last minute might ruin your entire removal organisation. Instead, consider the unit storage for the heavy belongings in advance.

Make sure they are good enough in number, quality and type. If you are short of boxes for little items such as makeup, those books under your bed and kitchen utensils, you can always put them in an ordinary shoe box and solve your problem.

Plan the Route Carefully (And Professionally, If Needed)

When moving heavy items, any barrier in your way can be dangerous. You should preliminarily free some corridors to move along the property freely and with the baggage in your hands.

In addition to these tips, we remind you that relocation means travelling (a long or a short way, if you are lucky). During the trip, there’s a chance for each of the packed items to shake, bump, or damage. Make sure to devise a safe route on a road that’s not slippery but straight, dry and recently renovated.

Don’t Hesitate To Use a Trailer or Sliders

For those of you who are unaware of how to move heavy items, we’ve got a message to say: do not use your brawn, but your brain. Smart lifting is the right and safe lifting.

Instead of overstraining and getting you a rupture, use the following helping accessories:

  • A Trailer. This superb versatile gadget minimises the heaviness while lifting things and the time to load your entire luggage. The trailer allows you to take more than one item at once without sweating.
  • Sliders. Forget about pushing and pulling. Embrace sliding. The sliders simplify moving the furniture and protect the floor from scratches. Attention: even carpet sliders are especially projected to carry your personal items across the delicate home carpets.

Try Safe Storage Relocation With Moving Blankets

The moving blankets are another heavy item packing tool you should be aware of.

Most reliable man and van companies on mandatory use them to protect the weighty but also expensive, antique, delicate, luxurious, sentimental and other significant belongings the customers usually worry about. It’s very straightforward to work with them. And they have many functions.

Use moving blankets to coat the most precious items of yours as it’s a bubble wrap. Replace the sliders with a pair of two moving blankets to move the furniture. Place one under two corners and the other to move the other side.

Get Dollies, Hand Trucks, Lifting Straps or Stair Rollers

We love these simple but so helpful moving equipment accessories. They don’t cost a lot, but they dramatically change the entire removal process.

All of them can help you lift heavy items and then take them directly to the van. Then, loading them out of the van is once again as simple as a childish game. Just note that the lifting straps and the dollies require you to have someone else by your side to assist you.

Have Help At Hand By Movers

Whether you will use dollies, lifting straps and other moving equipment tools, or you will handle the whole packing and loading with your own muscles, it’s a must to have helpers around.

The removal is a process that few people can handle alone. They either have some luck or experience to make the entire procedure work with no accidents, damages, losses, etc. Family members should all get involved in the process.

Yet, don’t forget that our neighbours are sometimes even more helpful than our relatives. You can ask for help from them, too, as well as from colleagues, friends, etc.

Lastly, don’t underestimate the professional moving services, either. These guys can handle the process and all of your heavy items in a flash of a second. So it’s worth it to pay their price.


Heavy items can be huge bumps in hassle-free removal. They are potential risks of accidents, damages and injuries.

You should consider how to pack and load them in advance to avoid unwanted incidents. Removers, a man with a van, specially tailored moving accessories and the right approach to lifting each of them should be all regarded.

The rest is simple – put all the little and light items in the cardboard boxes and accommodate them near the storage units with the heavy belongings.

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