Is Hasbro Replacing Mr. Potato Head With Gender-Neutral Toy?

As the Dwelling handed the Equality Act to protect LGBTQ individuals from discrimination, the dialogue about gender ongoing on the web as Hasbro toy firm announced a modify to its common toy.

The Declare

In a press launch Thursday, Hasbro introduced it was renaming the Mr. Potato Head brand name Potato Head to “far better replicate the full line” of potato toy goods.

The news protection that followed resulted in some confusion on the internet.

Reviews that “Mr. Potato Head is no extended a mister” led some to claim that the corporation was replacing the present toys with a new, gender-neutral toy character.

Just launch a Gender Neutral Potato Head along with the primary few. This appears to be extremely needless to substitute Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head, @Hasbro.

— Hugo Alyn Stephens (#ReleaseTheSchumacherCut) (@TheOtherWhoFan) February 25, 2021

The Information

In the launch, Hasbro claimed that it was “generating guaranteed all truly feel welcome in the Potato Head earth by formally dropping the Mr. from the Mr. Potato Head brand name name and emblem to market gender equality and inclusion.”

There is a big difference amongst the overall manufacturer “Mr. Potato Head” that features all the Potato Head products and the individual Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head character toys that have male or female accessories.

Hasbro is not discontinuing the Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head people, nor is it developing a new gender-neutral potato character. The overall manufacturer identify is dropping the “Mr.” from the brand.

“While we are renaming the MR. POTATO HEAD brand name to POTATO HEAD to much better mirror the complete line, the iconic MR. and MRS. POTATO HEAD figures aren’t going anyplace and will continue being MR. AND MRS. POTATO HEAD,” Hasbro explained in a statement to Newsweek. “The new product we introduced right now, Develop YOUR POTATO HEAD Family members, is a package that incorporates ample potatoes and extras for young ones to generate all kinds of family members.”

Hasbro issued an up-to-date push release and a tweet to distinct up misconceptions.

Hold that Tot – your major spud, MR. POTATO HEAD isn’t going anywhere! While it was introduced nowadays that the POTATO HEAD manufacturer name & brand are dropping the ‘MR.’ I yam happy to affirm that MR. & MRS. POTATO HEAD are not likely anywhere and will continue to be MR. & MRS. POTATO HEAD

— Hasbro (@Hasbro) February 25, 2021

The business shared visuals of toys in new packaging. The boxes have a new brand name title that reads “Potato Head” rather of the past “Mr. Potato Head.” The boxes for specific Potato Head characters include a label at the bottom to distinguish if the toy inside is a Mr. or Mrs.

Some questioned no matter if the firm tweet was a backtrack in response to first criticism of the gender-inclusive rebrand.

Ainsley Earhardt anxieties about how she’ll know which gender of potato toy to get (they’re labeled “Mr.” and “Mrs.”,) and Steve Doocy assumes Hasbro was hoping to be politically accurate till “the backlash was massive” and it backtracked in a worry (that is not what happened.)

— Bobby Lewis (@revrrlewis) February 26, 2021

A spokesperson from Hasbro advised Newsweek that the plan all along was to rename the Mr. Potato Head brand name to Potato Head and that the up to date packaging displays that Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head were always going to remain.

In an up to date push launch, Hasbro explained it will start the “build your individual potato family” toy package this slide to let little ones to produce their individual potato family members. The toys will include things like two substantial potato bodies, one smaller potato human body and 42 add-ons for “mixing and matching.”

The Ruling


Hasbro is not discontinuing the Mr. Potato Head character in favor of a gender-neutral toy. The organization is renaming the overall brand selection Potato Head and introducing a build-your-personal potato household established to rejoice “the several faces of people.” Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head toys even now will be bought.

Potato Head Family
The future Potato Head line.

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