Make it on Your Own With a Handyman Franchise

Maryjane E. Cason

For the last few hundred years it was the “man of the house” that conducted home maintenance and repair. Then men became busier with more hours at work, long commutes, and hobbies leaving less time for home maintenance. To top it off the two-income household was invented and there were even fewer hours at home left for maintenance. Then came the handyman. The handyman came in all shapes and sizes, from expert craftsmen to drifters. Sometimes you found a quality handy man and at other times you did not.

Then the franchise industry stepped in and created the professional handyman franchise. These companies hired only the best and managed the jobs so that the handy man could do the work without having to focus on bookkeeping, scheduling, and other things they often didn’t care or know about while the franchise business owner focused on keeping a steady supply of jobs.

If you have the organizational skills to manage multiple jobs and handymen you might be interested in owning a handyman franchise. There are several handyman franchises to choose from including Andy on Call, House Doctors, Mr. Handyman, and the Handyman Network. You just have to decide which handyman franchise fits you best.

Owning a franchise is a good way to increase your chances of success in business ownership. When you start your own business you are forced to figure out the business on your own. With a franchise you benefit from the experience of others. You also get expert advice on marketing, locations, and other aspects of the business. Of course you need to research a franchise before investing your money as some are not as good as others and may not offer everything you need or want to become successful. Buying a franchise is still a business deal and must be entered into with diligence.

The time to own a handyman franchise is now. It’s a service business where you help to make the lives and homes of others better. You can close shop every night with the satisfaction of providing a needed service. If you have the drive, experience, and capital to build a successful business consider buying a handyman franchise. There’s nothing to cook and nothing to build but financial security.

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