Outdoor Wooden Playhouses – Pros and Cons

You have decided that your kids would enjoy a playhouse. Now, you are trying to decide what kind of playhouse you are going to put in the backyard. You have seen some snazzy wooden options and you may be considering one. Before you make a purchase, consider both the pros and cons of outdoor wooden playhouses.

Pros of Outdoor Wooden Playhouses

There are some very good reasons to consider a wood playhouse.

First, they look great. If you are concerned about the appearance of your home’s backyard play area, a wooden building makes a great deal of sense. You can create something that looks good on its own and that retains some level of aesthetic consistency with your own home and other outdoor play items. Children will appreciate the good looks of a wood playhouse.

Second, wood playhouses will provide your children with something unique and special. Most people go with the mass-produced plastic or resin playhouses. Only a small percentage of buyers are willing to make the commitment in time and money necessary to build a high-quality wooden alternative. Your child will undoubtedly enjoy having a very special spot and will get a huge kick out of the realism that only a wooden model can provide.

Cons of Outdoor Wooden Playhouses

The wooden option has its negatives, too.

First, they cost more than alternatives. You may be able to avoid some of the cost by purchasing a do-it-yourself kit, but then you will need to consider the value of your time. No matter how you cut, hammer, screw or glue it, outdoor wooden playhouses are more expensive than the options you will find on display at the local toy store.

Second, outdoor wooden playhouses require more upkeep. They are harder to clean than plastic or resin units are and they do not hold up to the elements as well, either. If you decide to go with wood, you need to realize that you will be doing regular repairs and maintenance to keep it going strong. These are not “build it and forget it” options.

Third, outdoor units become a part of the landscape in a way that other options do not. If you move or sell your home, the wooden playhouse probably will not be coming with you. Even if the unit does not have an actual foundation, it is probably built using wooden supports that have been sunk in the ground and cemented in place.

Those are just a few of the pros and cons associated with outdoor wooden playhouses. Considering them should give you a good idea of whether you are interested in going with wood or if you and your children might be happier with a cheaper alternative.

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