Pest Control – How to Detect and Control Termites in Your Home

When you talk of pest control, among the things that would easily come to mind would be termites. These pesky little creatures will just surprise you with destroyed walls, posts, and beams. They’d even chomp up your treasured books and photo albums, clothes, and shoes that you’ve neatly stored in a cabinet or in boxes up in the attic. They can even cause a big portion of your ceiling to fall down if you’re not able to detect their infestation early.

If you’d like to try to detect if your home has been invaded by termites so you can control them somehow, here are some suggestions.

What you need to do initially is to know what type of termites is in your property. You need to check the whole house, from the yard to the inside of your home. There are termites that would start from the ground and you might be able to find them in the soil in your garden. These subterranean pests should be treated with a termite control product that’s made specifically for soil. When looking for this product, make sure that its primary use is for soil, even if it says can be used for both soil and wood. Check and follow instructions carefully. Most of these products are highly concentrated chemicals that you’d need to dissolve in water before application.

Check all the parts of your house that’s made of wood and see if there are burrows or holes in them. Most regions that experience high humidity levels attract drywood termites. You’ll find in hardware and home improvement stores anti-termite products that are particularly formulated for drywood. These products usually vary in their application. The most common types are either painted or sprayed on the affected areas. But almost all kinds need to be diluted in water, just like those for soil.

Termite baits, meanwhile, can reinforce the termite control chemicals that you apply. When you apply termite-killer products, there are some areas deep inside your home’s walls, posts, soil, and others that will not be reached. Baits will kill those who were still in hiding when you applied the control chemicals.

But you need to remember that these measures will only help control the termite infestation in your home. They aren’t made to completely eliminate termites or any pests. If you think that you have a serious termite invasion of your home, you need to ask a professional pest control service company to help you detect and kill the insects. They’d know how to do this properly and safely.

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