Renewable Electricity – Types and Advantages

Renewable electricity is very affordable and you will definitely have lots of benefits by converting your home to solar and wind power today. You will definitely discover that renewable electricity will save you money and the environment.

Once you have decided to make electricity at home, the two main factors to consider is the location of your house and your budget for the project.

Solar power:

There has been a vast improvement in the market of generating electricity from renewable resources. The energy from the suns rays have been converted to electricity with the use of solar cells. Nowadays, solar cells are quite innovative, efficient, affordable and easy to install than the ones released few years ago.

The sunlight is converted into electricity and stored in batteries. Just by collecting 6 to 7 hours of solar power, you can power lots of your home appliances. In case the sunlight directly hits the panels, the storing of electricity may take much lesser time.

It is very important to choose the correct type and size of system which in turn is based on your needs and place where you reside. There are some areas that benefit more from their continued exposure to sunlight, but ultimately every home can use solar cells to generate electricity to some level.

Wind power:

This is another important renewable resource where the wind generator is used to get electricity from blowing wind. It is an electrical generating device which is also referred to as a wind turbines or windmills. Their popularity during recent years is due to improvements in design. They have a horizontal spinning propeller style or vertical axis design.
The horizontal wind generators tend to be more efficient than the vertical wind generators.


Watermills are more consistent unlike wind or solar. You can basically increase its output by varying the size of the wheel or gear ratio. Hence you can install any or all of these latest innovative technologies and connect them to your home.

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