Roman Blinds Fabric That is best for Your Living Room

Over the time, there are good deals of window coverings that evolved and changed our houses. These window coverings set forth refinement and sophistication to our homes. That is why, it is somewhat mandatory to have stylish and decorative window coverings in one house for privacy and of course elegance. However, despite the various window coverings fabricated and manufactured today, Roman blinds are still in trend. It is a good alternative for your curtain and still gives finesse, beauty and urbanity on your windows. 

Your roman blinds can be placed in any corner of your house. It may be in your bedroom, in your comfort room or it is also an absolute idea to place it in your living room. Meaning, it is perfect to have roman blinds anywhere on your house. 

If you decide to have roman blinds as window coverings, you should set your mind on the quality of roman blinds you are going to purchase or obtain. Quality-wise roman blinds means the fabric is in high caliber, durable, won’t easily get ripped and it can live for many years. 

Therefore, today let me state here the roman blinds fabrics that are best for your living room. 

Without further ado, let’s jump right into it. 

Roman blinds may come in distinct textures. There are lightweight fabrics, medium weight fabrics and heavyweight fabrics. All these can create different looks on your roman blinds.  

  1. Lightweight Fabrics

Lightweight fabrics are good for your roman blinds because the folds will look smooth and it will give aesthetics to your windows.  Examples of lightweight fabrics are lightweight taffeta and faux silk. These fabrics are very ideal because it produce beautiful crisps when rolled out. These have been the luxurious choices for roman blinds. However, these kinds of roman blinds fabric may rot in the long run when it is exposed to too much sunlight. In other words, when your window is directly facing the sun or it receives a lot of sunlight, then lightweight fabrics are not favorable for your Roman blinds. But do not worry because there are still other options. Keep on reading!

  1. Medium weight Fabrics

Medium Weight fabrics are cotton blends, polyester, linen, blended linen, damasks and Jacquard fabrics. Medium weight fabrics are flexible or versatile fabrics perfect for your Roman blinds. With the right blends of the fabrics, it will be not too heavy on your window because it usually weighs 5 to 8 oz/ square yard and gives sufficient privacy to your house. Additionally, Polyester or cotton blends are more suggested for houses with humid atmosphere because they are more durable and can last long than your lightweight fabrics. 

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  1. Heavyweight Fabrics

Heavy weight fabrics such as velvet, crushed velvet, chenille and pure wools can also be used for roman blinds for they can be lifted to form soft and neat creases or pleats. In addition, although these fabrics cannot form sharp and wrinkled creases or pleats, unlike medium weight fabrics do, because heavy weight fabrics give plump appearance, it does not adversely affect the operating mechanism of your roman blinds. Heavy weight fabrics provide layer of insulation and ventilation for the windows and are very perfect for improper and not well-ventilated windows. However, make sure not to choose or pick upholstery fabrics. They are also heavyweight fabrics but are not ideal for roman blinds because, although they are durable, they are made from a material that makes them very stiff that disables the roman blinds to fold properly. 

To sum it up, best fabric for your roman blinds include faux silk (lightweight fabric), polyester or cotton blends (medium weight fabric) and velvet and pure wool fabrics (heavy weight fabric). Any fabric is good as long as it is non-stretch fabric that can create sharp pleats and remain straight and true, giving the shade of professional look. 

Nonetheless, there are also roman blinds fabrics that should be avoided at all cost. These are upholstery fabrics, pure silk, leather fabrics, sheers and voiles, and stretch knit fabrics. 

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