Some Situations When a Sexual Crime Attorney Should Be Hired 

5 Steps To Take Before Hiring a Sexual Harassment Defense Lawyer

Sexual crimes are serious offenses that are punished severely irrespective of any state or country. If anyone has been charged with these offenses, he may expect serious penalties such as imprisonment, fines and registering as a sexual offender. A sex crime lawyer is someone who handles these cases and protects the rights of an accused person. If you have been a victim of false charges, it is highly recommended to hire a sex crime lawyer in Houston. This is because, the charges will follow you for the rest of your life. Some of the cases in which a sex crime lawyer should be hired are elaborated below:

Sexual assault cases 

If someone has touched you inappropriately or penetrated you without your consent, you can file an assault case against that person regardless of your relationship with him. If the person is found guilty, he may have to spend seven years in jail. An attorney can negotiate the rape charges to sexual assault to reduce the time of imprisonment.

Rape charges 

If someone has been charged with rape, he should get in touch with an attorney because it is a serious case. If the person is proven guilty, he may have to spend a lifetime in jail along with heavy fines. If the person has caused physical injury to the victim, the charges may get severe. The lifetime can be increased if the victim’s age is below 12 years. 

Child molestation

One of the cases handled by an attorney is child molestation. If any child has been physically harassed by someone, the parents may get in touch with a lawyer to seek legal help. The penalties are severe including imprisonment as well as heavy fines.

Human Trafficking

If women and children are used as an object of sex and are sent to different places. It may also include any human being. The person may be convicted and charged with serious penalties and imprisonment. 

Cybersex crimes

With the accessibility to the internet from any part of the globe, the sex crimes are on the rise. Some of these offenses include forwarding sexually explicit photographs, child pornography and watching porn in the public. The penalties may depend on the severity and effects of the crime. For instance, a person may be put in jail for a lifetime if he is involved in child pornography.

A sex crime lawyer can prove or falsify the charges depending on the case. 

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