Sonos introduces $69 battery replacement kit for its Move wireless speaker

Sonos will help customers get more longevity out of its $399 Sonos Move wireless speaker by offering a new battery replacement kit. The Move is Sonos’ first battery-powered speaker, whereas the company’s other products all plug into the wall. The kit costs $69 and includes the battery, a couple tools that help remove the old one, and a pair of replacement screws.

“The new replacement battery kit was designed so customers can continue to enjoy extended battery life for their speaker even after years of use, without needing to replace the speaker altogether,” Sonos says. The company has previously mentioned that the Move’s battery can be swapped out, but it hasn’t offered the standalone battery until now. You can order it from the Sonos website.

The Move’s battery is estimated to last around 900 charge cycles (approximately three years).
Photo by Dan Seifert / The Verge

Considering how little comes with the kit, replacing the Move’s battery doesn’t seem like that daunting of a task. You can purchase the battery replacement kit in either black or white to match the color of whichever Move you own. As for what to do with the old battery, your best bet is taking it to a local e-waste recycling facility.

Fresh out of the box, the Sonos Move is estimated to reach around 11 hours of continuous music playback. And the company has said the factory-installed battery should last for around 900 charge cycles (or roughly three years). But if you eventually notice the battery life getting shorter and shorter, you’ve now got an option for restoring full capacity. That’s an option that a lot of wireless speakers just don’t give you.

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