The Advantages of Renewable Energy

Maryjane E. Cason

If you are a conscientious person, then you should be worried about using green or renewable sources of energy. There are several reasons for this and thus you should review your options carefully. Renewable Energy is a concept that has been gaining in popularity for the public as the various common environmental problems are causing more and more people to oversee their alternatives more carefully.

So then what are the advantages of renewable energy that you need to be aware of?

1) First of all renewable energy sources are pollution free since they are devoid of complex carbon chains that are found in fossil fuels. It is the decomposition of these carbon chain molecules which cause complex problems to the environment. Since renewable energy sources are devoid of these complex carbon chains, this can help save the environment.

2) The second advantage of using renewable energy is the fact that it helps in the fight against global warming. Although there are several reasons for global warming, recent research shows that non-renewable sources of energy cause high emissions of carbon and other molecule chains that create a greenhouse effect on Earth. If every source of energy on Earth was renewable, then it would be possible to halt global warming to a great extent. Thus, even individual uses of renewable energy sources are accumulative over time.

3) Although the initial cost of constructing a renewable energy plant (or an individual renewable energy system) is higher than regular energy plants; in the long run you will save more as an individual. Most recent statistics shows that in 10 to 15 years, the investment for renewable energy will take care of itself. Even now, the production cost of 1 KW of electricity is around 5 cents.

4) Renewable Energy sources can be replenished totally as sources such as the sun and the wind will continue to be present until the end of time. Thus you don’t need to worry about losing the energy sources.

5) You will help reduce the effects of the entropy on Earth by using renewable sources of energy.

6) The economy will get better as dependence on non-renewable sources of energy will decrease.

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