The Low Down on H2O at Home

If you didn’t already know it, consumers are gravitating toward environmentally friendly lifestyles and that’s where H20 at Home finds their niche market. Whether people really do care about the environment or feel guilt-tripped into caring,

H20 at Home offers non-toxic, eco friendly cleaning, home and personal care products to customers and a turn-key MLM opportunity for affiliate marketers.

About H20 at Home

Founded in France and brought to the states in 2009, H20 at Home introduces products to customers through in-home parties as well as online advisors. The company prides itself for never testing on animals, having earned several marks of ecological excellence and is a member of the DSA (Direct Selling Organization).

Company Vision

The company’s vision is to preserve the environment while giving customers the products they need to live a healthy lifestyle at home. H20 at home supports the planet and people who want to earn an unlimited income from home.

How to Become an Advisor

There are two ways that advisors may begin.

1) Buy the $99 Discovery Kit. All essential products are included: business supplies, training tools and a personal website.

2) Buy the $230 Executive Kit. This kit comes with 42 products or $760 worth of merchandise. The kit also includes: business supplies, training tools and a personal website.

How to Make Money at Home

Earn 25%-40% commission on personal sales and added commission from any customers enrolled as advisors.

Getting Party Hosts

The host reward program makes it attractive for customers to consider having a party at their house with their friends. The host will have the opportunity to earn deep discounts on products as well as free gifts and host credits toward H20 products.

Benefits of Joining

* Value-driven company (green ambassadors)

* Member of the DSA (promotes trust in the company)

* Low start-up capital ($99-$230)

* Sale commissions plus additional bonuses and prizes

* Free virtual office (place orders, ship orders etc)

* Training demos on online tools

Fine Print

* Free personalized website after 3 months of being in business. The website enables customers to shop online and order online. You also get a customer newsletter to send to your leads after 3 months but this will cost $13/month.


H20 at Home is a low cost start-up MLM opportunity that will give affiliate marketers the chance to get in front of local customers as well as a national customer base. If this is an opportunity you’re considering, think of the ways you can market the products outside of the personalized website from the company. While the company website is helpful to your marketing plans you’ll need to supplement that with other efforts to realize significant success. Below are some ideas.

* Consider blogging about your experiences with the products, customers and at home parties and backlinking to your company website to create more web traffic.

*Consider taking party pics and posting them to your blog for your host’s guests to checkout. Have them sign up for your weekly blog posts in order to access the pictures.

* Have a laptop available at your parties so guests can immediately sign up to get party pics and the weekly blog posts.

* Think about how to cater to your niche market. You may want to create a blog that is both fun and educational.

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