Couple discovers concealed rest room throughout home renovation

An Oklahoma couple’s pipe desire of turning out to be household renovators arrived correct — and not in a excellent way. What was presumed to be a leaky pipe was really a defunct stroll-in shower hidden by the preceding proprietor at the rear of a makeshift wall.

In a TikTok video captioned “Renovation finds … why” with above 1.8 million views, a male is revealed utilizing a crowbar and other resources in an hard work to take out a wall that the consumers ended up told led to a “leaking drain pan” they’d need to resolve.

The viral song “Oh No” by Kreepa performs as the wall arrives down, revealing the dingy shower in total disrepair.

With a spending plan of “under $150,000” for their very first property, the few explained they anticipated some repairs — but not this.

“We have been not expecting that at all,” the female states in a stick to-up video clip, adding additional detail to the bizarre incident.

“We realized there was likely to be some function that necessary to carried out, by natural means,” suggests the man who knocked down the wall.

“The seller told us that it was shut off because it was a leaking drain pan and that it was a tiny correct, wasn’t heading to price substantially to repair, but they just didn’t have the time or electrical power to do it, so they coated it up,” the lady says.

“No issue. We get it, you’re more mature,” the man says of the seller’s excuses about the carelessness to mend the leak. In truth, the preceding owners had been so preoccupied that they did not even hassle to remove the shampoo rack hanging from the showerhead right before boarding up the space.

The few does observe a silver lining to their rocky foray into homeownership: “Hey, glimpse — no popcorn ceiling!”

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