How Will First Lady Michelle Obama Re-Decorate the White House?

Maryjane E. Cason

While the media has brought up the personal side of the transition into the White House and discussed the kid’s picking of the “First Dog” or Presidential Puppy, maybe it’s time to discuss how Michelle Obama might decorate the White House? No doubt this is of interest to many Americans and the interior designer profession.

Will she choose a more traditional look, will she enlist Martha Stewart’s assistance, as Martha Stewart did endorse President Barack Obama prior to the election with much of the same kind words as Oprah did. Will Mrs. Obama, The United States’ First Lady wish to put more color into the interior ambiance of the White House, and give it a little pizzazz?

Indeed, the Obama’s are a young couple and they may like a White House with a little more personality, than the traditional old pastel look? There will be window shades to dress, colors to choose and furniture to pick out. It’s a huge job and if you do not believe it, simply read some of the comments of other First Lady’s who spent countless hours choosing how best to re-decorate it.

Perhaps the interior rooms are the wrong color and need more Earth Tones, that might be more to Michelle Obama’s liking? It will certainly be interesting to see just how our new First Lady Elect Michelle Obama chooses to re-decorate. And you can bet whatever she chooses will be big news in the major media as the Obama’s settle into their new home. How Will First Lady Michelle Obama Re-Decorate the White House? Please think on this.

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